Hello. Need a hand with anything?

I’m a London based front-end developer with good references and solid experience. If you need a spare pair of hands, get in touch any time.

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Samples of recent and previous work. Contact me for more details or examples.

APPCIOS website

Visual and web design. Wordpress site development with bespoke theme and plugins.

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Under development: Custom themed Drupal 8 based learning environment leveraging the group module, Rocket Chat and open source video conferencing and focused on community and user interaction.

QMUL web redesigns

UI/design work for Queen Mary University, London. Creation of visual designs to unify multiple faculty sites under Terminal 4.

Laura Hyde

Brochureware site in Drupal 7 with bespoke theme.

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Duke's Education

Drupal 7 site with bespoke theme and modular content structure.

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Framework Software

Design and build of Drupal 8 site with bespoke theme.

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Drupal 7 site with bespoke theme and animations.

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QMUL Print Design

Prospective designs for printed materials and signage.

Learning Lab

Visual designs for Drupal 8 based video/instructional site.

August Equity

Drupal 7 site with bespoke theme.

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Magazines (various)

Magazine design, art direction and production for various UK newsstand and trade titles.

Rio Tinto Mines to Markets

Drupal-backed interactive/mobile-first HTML/JS magazine.

TDR Capital

Development of Drupal 7 site with bespoke theme.

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FSP Intranet

Drupal 7 based private intranet system with bespoke theme and group/role based access for nationwide chain.


I’m equally happy working in development or production/PM roles. Here’s a brief overview of skills and experience.


Drupal setup & configuration
Drupal theming
Front end Javascript
Wordpress theming

Solid with HTML, CSS/SASS. Happy to write JS for DOM manipulation and lightweight tasks. Some hands-on experience of Node, Meteor, Vue, React. Generally work with Drupal although have developed with - and written simple plugins for - Wordpress. Happy with D7 and D8 configuration and theming. Basic/working experience of PHP/Mysql, relational data and performance.

PM & Management

Project management & costing
Client management
Team management
Sales & presentation
Content architecture

I’ve run projects and teams, and built dev teams from scratch. Prior to working in development I ran production for national magazines and papers. I love deadlines and plan defensively. I’m used to working with moving targets and managing multiple jobs. I’m comfortable pitching and presenting in client-facing roles and acting as a bridge between development teams, clients and stakeholders.

Additional skills & experience

In my early career I worked in sales and in education - for which I hold teaching and course development qualifications. I’m happy researching, structuring content, and writing/translating content, briefs and specs for different audiences.